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Regent Taipei among hotels adopting Artificial Intelligence Food Waste Systems

Regent Taipei among hotels adopting Artificial Intelligence Food Waste Systems
February 11, 2024

Regent Taipei is among hotels embracing the technology of Winnow's AI Food Waste System, an innovation originating from the UK which offers a way for the hospitality sector to achieve some of its sustainability goals and paves the way for sustainable dining benchmarks.

Regent Taipei is among the hotels embracing the technology to help in its pursuit of corporate sustainability goals with the launch of the "2024 Sustainable Dining Table" project. The hotel kicked off the initiative in the first quarter of 2024 by introducing the Winnow AI Food Waste System at its revenue-leading 1F Brasserie buffet restaurant. This innovative system, originating from the UK, has proven successful in reducing food waste by over 70% globally. Regent Taipei aims to achieve a 15% reduction in food waste within three months, a decrease from the 2023 average of 0.22 grams per customer to 0.18 grams, promoting environmentally conscious dining practices.

The Winnow AI Food Waste System incorporates a scale, screen, scanner, and data recording terminal. When disposing of food, the scale records the weight, and the scanner identifies waste items using pre-input photo data. The system displays the cost of discarded food, creating awareness among staff and encouraging them to minimize waste. Daily reports are sent to restaurant managers, facilitating joint statistics and analysis for larger establishments.

Regent Taipei’s Brasserie serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner, offering a wide array of dishes daily. Through systematic data review, weekly chef meetings, and systematic data reviews, the efficient identification and optimisation of menu content using the Winnow AI Food Waste System greatly helps in reducing unnecessary ingredient waste.

In addition to waste reduction efforts, Brasserie's new Herb Garden enhances the culinary experience by integrating over ten types of herbs into Brasserie's menu. The hotel's florist team meticulously cultivates herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, dill, and more. Beyond aesthetics, the garden serves a functional purpose, with chefs incorporating fresh herbs into a diverse range of dishes and beverages.

General Manager Simon Wu emphasises that sustainable dining is not merely a concept but an actionable commitment. The Herb Garden not only contributes to ongoing waste reduction but also hosts 'Urban Farmer Activities' to engage the public in herb picking, dish creation, and contributing to a dining ecology that combines action and ideology. The hotel envisions Brasserie's initiatives as a benchmark, inspiring other establishments within the group and beyond to consistently adopt sustainable practices and to achieve mutual sustainability and prosperity for both the environment and the community.

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Image. The Winnow AI Food Waste System can detect and record daily food waste in real time, and generate weekly analysis reports for the team to review.

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