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IAAPA Vice Chair engages delegates at AALARA Gold Coast conference

Ahead of the IAAPA Expo Asia 2024, running next week in Bangkok 27th to 30th May, Massimiliano Freddi, Chief Executive Wonderwood and IAAPA Vice Chair delivered an engaging and passionate…

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May 22, 2024 Attractions / Environment / Events /


Paid climbing introduced for Japan’s Mount Fuji to counter overtourism

With the summer climbing season approaching, Japanese authorities announced on Monday that an online booking system for Mount Fuji's popular Yoshida Trail will be introduced to combat…

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May 17, 2024 Environment / Tourism /


Centara partners with KTC Credit Card to drive sustainability projects in Phuket

Thailand leading hotel operator, Centara Hotels & Resorts, continues its its commitment to creating a cleaner, greener planet by forming an inspiring new partnership with KTC Credit…

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May 16, 2024 Environment / Hospitality / Tourism /


Traveloka travel platform commits to elevating sustainability standards of tourism industry  

Southeast Asia leading travel platform, Traveloka, has announced its support to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) to become its first-ever Platinum Sponsor. The sponsorship…

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May 14, 2024 Environment / Hospitality / Tourism /


Investigations underway on early deaths of Siberian tigers in South Korea and China zoos

An investigation is currently being conducted to determine the cause of early deaths of 11 Siberian tigers at Seoul Grand Park zoo over the past five years, while a wild animal park in…

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May 14, 2024 ByKaren Sweaney Attractions / Environment / Legal /


Landmark Dubai Reef project sees launch of pilot reef modules

A sustainable initiative by Dubai Can, Dubai Reef is the world’s largest marine reef development project and marks a pioneering step in Dubai’s efforts to promote ecological…

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May 8, 2024 Environment /


Silks Hotel Group advocates for sustainable animal practices in Taiwan

Silks Hotel Group (SHG), a multinational hotel chain based in Taiwan, which currently owns and operates the international luxury hotel Regent Taipei, is advocating for sustainable practices…

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May 8, 2024 Environment / Hospitality / Tourism /


Conference spotlights women-led tourism initiatives in Asia-Pacific

The 2nd Regional Conference on the Empowerment of Women in Tourism in Asia & the Pacific was held this week in Bali from 2nd-4th May and provided a platform for some of the most…

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May 6, 2024 Environment / Events / Tourism /



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