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PureGym study reveals the celebrities most turned to for fitness training inspiration

PureGym study reveals the celebrities most turned to for fitness training inspiration
June 3, 2022

A new study by PureGym - based on analysing Google search data for the world’s most famous celebrities - has revealed the celebrities turned to the most for inspiration and motivation when it comes to working out specific muscle groups in the gym.

From stars of the screen to sporting heroes, the results reveal a varied mix of the celebrities that offer inspiration to keep fit, as well as work different muscle groups in the gym.

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym notes “there are hundreds of exercises out there, with almost endless combinations to choose from. While this is great for anyone looking to add variety to their workouts, it can make things complicated when you do want to mix up your routine.

“While working with a qualified fitness expert is a great way to find the exercises and workouts needed to reach your goals, this is not always an accessible option for everyone. Looking up celebrity-inspired workouts can help those who have an aesthetic goal in mind, whether that’s The Rock’s rock-solid abs or Taylor Swift’s triceps.

“However, it is worth keeping in mind that many celebrities are afforded the time and money to help them to reach a certain physique that is simply harder to achieve alongside work and other commitments. For us, the most important thing is to keep healthy and have fun while you are doing it”.

Using the search terms of “[celebrity name] workout” and “[celebrity name] exercise”, the research found that overall, Chris Hemsworth (pictured above) is the biggest celebrity workout inspiration, with 12,360 global monthly searches on average made by those looking to emulate the Thor actor’s gym routine.

The Rock (pictured below) (12,270 global average monthly searches) follows as the second most searched for celebrity behind Hemsworth - known as much for his ‘Iron Paradise’ workouts as he is for his staggeringly big cheat meals consisting of towering pancake stacks, tables of pizza and doughnuts. Showing that age is just a number, Arnold Schwarzenegger also makes the star-studded top ten, which also includes Kendall Jenner, Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Reynolds.

Kendall Jenner (pictured above) breaks into the overall top 10 celebrities for workout inspiration as the only female, however when it comes to the women that inspire the world’s workouts, her sisters help Kendall to dominate the rankings. Kim and Khloe Kardashian both rank in the top five, with Kim regularly sharing in-gym stories with her 311 million Instagram followers, while Khloe has seen a significant transformation with her hard-hitting fitness routines over recent years and reportedly works out five days per week, with a mix of one hour workouts with her trainer, cardio and pilates.

Continuing the superhero theme from the overall rankings, Marvel star Brie Larson ranks as the third most searched for female showing that she’s still Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel fit ahead of the next MCU film. The actress often shares clips of her workouts on social media.

The PureGym research also analysed which celebrities inspire us most when it comes to training various body parts. No doubt in relation to Thor’s bulging biceps, Chris Hemsworth takes the award for the best arms in showbiz with 5,400 searches each month looking for Thor-worthy arm workouts. A staggering 22,000 people each month however search solely for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s abs, beating Hollywood competition from Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds.

And while leg day may notoriously be one of the toughest days in any workout routine, both Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are on hand to provide the most inspiration for any leg exercise. Underwood’s trainer, Eve Overland, has previously shared the details of the workouts that are behind her legs, with squats, lunges, and deadlifts all playing a part in building the muscles that are inspiring fitness regimes around the world.

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym commented: “There are hundreds of exercises out there, with almost endless combinations to choose from. While this is great for anyone looking to add variety to their workouts, it can make things complicated when you do want to mix up your routine.

Search data was taken from global Google Keyword Planner data for the past 12 months (March 2021 - March 2022) for the following search terms:

  •  [celebrity name] + workout
  •  [celebrity name] + exercise
  •  [celebrity name] + arms
  •  [celebrity name] + legs
  •  [celebrity name] + chest
  •  [celebrity name] + back
  •  [celebrity name] + glutes

The figures for the overall most-searched celebrities were taken by combining the totals for [celebrity name] + workout and [celebrity name] + exercise. The results for each muscle group search term were then ranked in descending order..

For further information on the study, visit

Images from top: Chris Hemsworth; The Rock (Dwayne Johnson); Kendall Jenner. Images courtesy PureGym

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