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Promotions commence for 9th Asian Winter Games

Promotions commence for 9th Asian Winter Games
April 15, 2024

The organisers of the 9th Asian Winter Games to be held in Harbin, China in 2025, have commenced the promotion of the event with the unveiling of visual identity for the Games, including the colour system, core graphics, and sports pictograms, as well as the promotional video ‘Shared Future for Harbin’.

With a slogan of ‘Dream of Winter, Love among Asia’, the Games will be held from 7th to 14th February 2025, marking another international ice and snow event hosted by China following the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The colour system, ‘Romantic Dreams’, includes four theme colours, namely crystal blue, lilac purple, range green and harvest yellow. They embody the diversified urban allure, profound historical culture and rich resources of Harbin, a city well-known for ice and snow tourism. It also boasts its distinctive four seasons and the potential of a promising future.

The emblem ‘Beyond’ for the 9th Asian Winter Games in 2025 was created by a team from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. The design incorporates elements such as the sprinting posture of a short-track speed skater, the lilac flower (the municipal flower of Harbin), and the sun symbol of the Olympic Council of Asia. By combining Chinese culture with Olympic elements, the emblem represents China's commitment to becoming a sports powerhouse in the new era, constantly challenging higher, faster, and stronger goals, and making new contributions to winter sports in Asia.

Inspired by how the Songhua River, a major river in Harbin, is frozen, the theme colour crystal blue embodies the city's ice and snow resources. The lilac purple is named after the Harbin's city flower, lilac. It showcases the hospitality and the innovation of the city, and the festive atmosphere brought by the Games. The range green refers to the colour of the Greater Khingan Mountains and Lesser Khingan Mountains in Heilongjiang province. Last but not least, the harvest yellow reflects the golden time of rice ripening in the region.

Named ‘A Timely Snow,’ the core graphics takes the winding and beautiful shape of the Songhua River as its prototype, and is adorned with urban elements such as the Harbin Grand Theater, snowflakes, and ice crystals.

The sports pictograms take their cue from the concept of ‘Breakthrough’, the emblem of Harbin 2025. It elaborates the spirit of athletes' unwavering perseverance and their pursuit of consistent breakthrough.

The sports pictograms are composed of 16 sport or discipline-specific pictograms of Harbin 2025. By accurately presenting different sports of the Games, these vivid images break through the language barriers and helps promote the Games to the international society.

Image. 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025 event promotion commences

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