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Technology in sport changes the game

Technology in sport changes the game
September 13, 2021

The sports industry globally is experiencing a major transition from the legacy way to the modern way with technological advancements happening in the sector affecting how coaches, sportspeople and spectators perform and interact.

Technology is making sports more efficient and reliable, building a strong and dynamic future for the industry.

Key technologies:

Sensors: The trump card for tracking metrics - One of the most significant technological advancements in sports is the adoption of sensors in sports. Fortunately, sensors are now made for almost all kinds of sports globally. Once attached to any sports equipment, they can easily detect speed, swing, and other crucial factors. Additionally, some sensors also provide 3D modelling.

Wearable tech: The beginning of the revolution - Wearable tech was one of the first contributions of technology to revolutionise sports. However, with sports-specific sensors, wearable tech has become highly efficient and beneficial in the present day. High-end wearable tech products help athletes to keep track of their fitness. It accurately measures their metrics such as stairs climbed, calories burned, etc.

Video assistant referee: The new hand - Video assistant referee, better known as VAR, is making sports more accurate, accountable and equitable. VAR uses high tech camera technology for precise refereeing. As a result, the chances of flawed judgement or missing the proceedings are extremely less with VAR. Additionally, with the ongoing advancement in the tech world, VAR will soon become 100% efficient for all kinds of games.

Protective equipment ensuring safe and healthy sports: Protective equipment in sports are the most crucial aspect to ensure healthy and safe sports. Despite wearing helmets or pads, many times, athletes have been severely injured. Thus, manufacturers now combine years of research with technologically advanced materials that ensure maximum protection to sportspeople. Additionally, along with providing maximum safety, these products also ensure that the player plays at their optimum capabilities.

Timing systems: Mastercard for a fair win - Human surveillance is subject to error since forever. No matter how vigilantly a person keeps an eye on something, there’s always a chance they might miss out on crucial factors. And this hurdle is the most harmful in racing sports. Thus, with technological advancements, start guns can be connected with clocks and sensors to produce accurate results. This way, always the real winner wins the race.

Robot umpires/referees: The game changer - Robot umpires/referees are used worldwide for various games. They have manifold benefits like giving accurate results. At times, the human umpires may get confused or miss certain points; thus, having a robot umpire helps make the game much more accurate and fairer for all players.

Virtual reality bringing the virtual world into sports: Set to be ‘the next big thing”, games can be shot with VR cameras that offer multiple live streaming options for audiences around the globe. Following the advancement, subsequently many sports coaching centres are now building virtual platforms for training athletes.

Conclusively, cutting edge technology is indeed transforming and revolutionising the sports world. With such technological advancements, the sports industry has become more resilient, fair, and equitable to all. However, there are certain drawbacks and inefficiencies that are needed to be looked at. Still, with consistent developments, there is no doubt that technology will soon empower the sports industry to heights never imagined before.

About the author

Kunal Sawhney

Chief Executive, Kalkine Group

An entrepreneur with revolutionary ideas, Kunal Sawhney is a financial professional with wealth of knowledge in equities who aims to transform the delivery of equity research through tech-driven digital platforms

With his knowledge, skillset, and overarching vision, Sawhney established Kalkine (a business that is based on Digitally Powered Architecture and Extensive Data Science led Premium Research) that has become one of the fastest growing equity market research firms across Australia in 2014; and subsequently, in other emerging and developed markets.

Sawhney’s entrepreneurial and commercial skills backed by the passion to establish a tech-empowered research platform, helped in building Kalkine’s global presence across diverse geographies - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Further, the plans for the US launch in 2021, have set the premise for attaining an all-encompassing client reach for Kalkine’s Subscription and Media Operations.

With a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Technology, Sydney; Sawhney’s business acumen has enabled his brainchild, Kalkine, help clients navigate through equity related matters in a proficient and seamless manner.

Sawhney is featured regularly on CNBC, Sky Business, Biz News, Daily Mail, Yahoo Finance, KCBS Radio (Audacy), Bloomberg, Sydney Morning Herald, Global Banking and Financial Review and many more.

Click here to visit the Kalkine website.

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