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Shanghai Disney Resort pilots X-ray machines for security screening

Shanghai Disney Resort pilots X-ray machines for security screening
December 5, 2019

Shanghai Disney Resort has commenced trialling X-ray machines for security screening at the entrance of the resort's Shanghai Disneyland theme park.

Resort management is reminding visitors that during the security screening, if required, they will need to open their bags and remove any flagged items for additional screening.

The resort's security staff are currently evaluating the stability and efficiency of the X-ray machines during the initial pilot phase, and are encouraging feedback from visitors.

After the test phase, more X-ray machines will be installed to further enhance and facilitate the security check process.

In March, a law student sued the resort after being refused entry with snacks, which triggered a dispute on social media.

In September, the resort implemented a new policy allowing visitors to bring food and beverages into its theme park, provided that the food does not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control, and does not have pungent odours.

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