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Pico Play seeks new staff for Malaysian operations

Pico Play seeks new staff for Malaysian operations
March 21, 2022

Pico Play, the global leader in the planning, design, development and construction of world-class themed attractions and entertainment, has announced that it is looking to hire three ‘fun makers’ to join its team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Following last month’s news that the company’s creative services are in demand around the globe, the three vacancies are senior attraction designer, concept designer and technical designer.

The successful candidates will be responsible for planning, designing, developing and constructing world-class themed attractions and entertainment.

According to Pico Play’s Creative Design Director, Greg Holt, it is an exciting time to join the team, as the company is working on a range of big projects from large zoo commissions and water parks to outdoor and indoor parks throughout Australia and South East Asia.

Holt advises “Asia is emerging as a global hub for theme parks and attractions and their appetite for creative design is also increasing,” he says. “Our Kuala Lumpur office is at the epicentre of this growth region and we are recruiting skilled Fun Makers who have a genuine passion for the themed entertainment and attractions industry to grow their career with us.”

Pico Play’s senior attraction designer, Janice Mak, who has worked for the company since 1988, after studying interior design at Malaysia Institute of Art, adds “the creativity and design elements always keep me thinking and each new project I work on sparks new ideas

“There’s a lot of fun and play during the design and creative processes - we don’t always agree and everyone’s opinions are welcomed but we are united in a sense of achievement and enjoyment when we see the end product.

“We’re like a big family: everyone contributes their part and helps each other out, shares ideas and information, communicates freely, respects deadlines and values the importance of good design.”

Three New Roles 
Firstly, the company is seeking a senior attraction designer, who will work alongside Mak and will use their creativity and practicality to produce big ideas that are workable in real life. The ideal candidate will be skilled in artistic Photoshop colouring, creative CAD drafting and hand-sketch design, and will also have a solid grounding in theme park design.

Mak notes “they need to be creative, talented and a good problem solver with an understanding of how to work in and lead an effective team.”

Secondly, Pico Play is looking to hire an illustrator/concept designer.

As Holt advises “our job as creatives is to come up with a story and while we always create a narrative, it’s true that a picture is worth 1000 words.

“We can talk our clients through a project and they get it but as soon as we put a big image in front of them, something that shows how people will interact with an attraction or lively entertainment space, they truly understand the vision.”

The company’s creative process is collaborative, and the successful candidate will be required to work closely with the creative directors on projects and ideas.

Finally, the third vacancy is technical designer/draftsperson.

To fill this role, Pico Play is looking for someone with both creative and technical skills, with Holt stating ”it’s one thing coming up with an idea but if it’s going to be built, that idea needs to be completely broken down and designed out in a lot of detail.

“That takes a creative mindset and excellent communication skills because the Draftsperson is responsible for designing the structures supporting the theming, working with illustrators and engineers and producing readable drawings that aid smooth construction.”

Drafting and design software proficiency and 3D modelling are desirable for this post, as well as the ability to translate concept presentations into schematic and highly detailed drawings.

All three new hires will be based in Malaysia and will work on the company’s international projects.

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Images: Pico Play's Malaysian team (top) and Pico Play’s Creative Design Director Greg Holt (below).

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