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New research shows Barre classes to be world’s most-searched fitness class trend

New research shows Barre classes to be world’s most-searched fitness class trend
January 21, 2021

New research conducted by online comparison service - Compare the Market - has determined that Barre classes are the world’s most-searched fitness class trend between 2005 and 2020.

Using Google Trends and search volume data, Compare the Market has created a racing bar chart to indicate search volume trends for various fitness classes in the world’s 15 highest GDP countries. The research covers a range of different fitness classes – including yoga, HIIT and box fitness – which were determined to be the top 15 most-searched around the world. The results provide some interesting insight into how the popularity of various fitness ‘movements’ have changed in the last 15 years.

Of those included, barre classes returned the highest search volume per month with 170,000 global searches in June 2020. Second place was a considerable distance behind, with spin classes turning over 90,500 searches in the same period. BODYCOMBAT had the lowest search volume of the terms included, with a total of 2,900.

The research also included a country-level breakdown of the data. In Australia specifically, pole dancing held the lead between 2005 and 2009, but was soon overshadowed by yoga and bodycombat.

Not all countries presented search volume for every fitness trend. Germany, Russia and Japan showed data for as little as two of the included search terms. Alternatively, the most common search terms across the country-level breakdown were clearly identifiable as Pilates, spin, yoga and Zumba.

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Image top: Xtend Barre Mosman studio 

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