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Fitness First Singapore advises that claims of club closures due to Coronavirus are ‘bogus’

Fitness First Singapore advises that claims of club closures due to Coronavirus are ‘bogus’
February 1, 2020

Fitness First Singapore has moved to debunk what it says is a “bogus” notice being circulated online that claims its clubs are closed as a result of Asia’s Coronavirus outbreak.

As reported by ChannelNewsAsia, Fitness First Singapore announced in a statement posted on Facebook on Thursday (30th January) that "it has come to our attention that a bogus notice has been circulating through various messaging apps claiming that Fitness First Singapore clubs are closed until further notice.

"We wish to clarify that this is not true and that all our clubs are operating normally.

"We will be filing a police report and will work closely with the authorities to investigate the matter."

The fake notice looked similar to one Fitness First Singapore posted on its official Facebook page on Wednesday (see below), in which they advised "with the increasing number of reported cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia, extended precautionary measures will be implemented to ensure your well-being and safety in the clubs.

Fitness First added "as a courtesy to other members and staff, if you are feeling unwell and demonstrate symptoms of the virus, we encourage you to seek medical attention promptly and refrain from working out during this time.”

ChannelNewsAsia questioned Fitness First Singapore's country manager Anil Chugani who advised that the company is monitoring the developments of the virus outbreak and keeping abreast of the Health Ministry's guidelines "so as to make adjustments to the precautionary measures put in place where necessary".

Fitness First Singapore also noted "we are also stepping up information and updates to address concerns of members and employees in real time.”

Australasian Leisure Management are aware of reports that gyms in Beijing are closed.

Image top courtesy of Fitness First Singapore and centre and above from Fitness First Singapore Facebook

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