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First Australian Taekwondo representative elected to World Taekwondo Executive Council

First Australian Taekwondo representative elected to World Taekwondo Executive Council
October 13, 2021
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In a landmark moment for Australian Taekwondo - Hassan Iskandar, President of Australian Taekwondo - has been elected to the World Taekwondo Executive Council marking the first time Australia has had a representative formally elected to the Council.  

The vote on 11th October, saw five candidates from the Oceania region standing for election.

Iskandar joins a new Council responsible for elevating Taekwondo to the highest echelon in world sport, including the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

Building stronger relationships globally and working to see Taekwondo included as a Commonwealth Games sport will be a focus for Iskandar as he takes on the role of World Taekwondo Executive Council Member.

Iskandar shared "I'm delighted to join the World Taekwondo Council and represent Australian Taekwondo. It's an honour, and I'd like to thank the Australian Taekwondo Board for their support and thank those who voted and placed their trust in me.

"Serving World Taekwondo and Australian Taekwondo will complement each other and help to create an avenue for better relationships, better collaboration, and better achievements."

"Taekwondo is a popular sport worldwide, and there are thousands of Australians who compete. I really want to see these athletes given the opportunity to compete at a Commonwealth Games and represent their country."

Australian Taekwondo Chair, Simon Lew, is thrilled at what he describes as a lifetime achievement and adds "we're ecstatic. This is a first for Australian Taekwondo and we are so proud to have one of us amongst some of the most influential and respected Taekwondo people in the world.

"Hassan's election gives Australian Taekwondo visibility in the Oceania region and allows us to promote Taekwondo and participation to these areas by spreading the love and passion we have for the sport and martial art. We also look forward to working with New Zealand in supporting the Oceania region to make a positive impact.

"The Australian Taekwondo Board congratulates the other members elected to the World Taekwondo Council, including re-elected President Chungwon Choue, who we acknowledge and support the strategies he has guiding World Taekwondo forward."

Australian Taekwondo Chief Executive, Heather Garriock is equally thrilled to see Iskandar successful in his bid for selection.  

"This is a momentous occasion for Australian Taekwondo that sees us represented on the world stage. Hassan is incredibly passionate about growing and developing Taekwondo and I have no doubt he will excel in this opportunity."  

Iskandar is serving his third term as President of Australian Taekwondo, transforming it into a progressive National Sporting Organisation.  

He has previously served as an executive member of New South Wales and Vice president of The National Federation Taekwondo Australia, Board Chairman, and President of Sports Taekwondo Australia.

A Grand Master, Iskandar's Taekwondo journey started over 50 years ago as a young student before moving through the sport as an athlete, a coach, and instructor.  

Iskandar is now a successful Taekwondo Martial Arts business owner and has been influential in the global community of Taekwondo.

Besides focusing on Taekwondo and other combat sports such as Boxing, Wrestling and Judo, Iskandar is an experienced sports administrator educated in Marketing, Business Management, Risk Management and Operational Works.

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