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Dunedin to host 2022 World Leisure Congress

Dunedin and the University of Otago have successfully bid for the 2022 World Leisure Congress, which will bring between 500 and 1000 international delegates to the city and an estimated…

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Nov 12, 2018 Education / Parks / Recreation / Tourism /


China to create massive national park to protect Siberian Tiger and Amur Leopard

China is reportedly planning to create a vast national park of 14,600 kilometres² to protect endangered Siberian Tigers and Amur leopards. The Jilin provincial forestry department…

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Mar 20, 2017 Environment / Parks / Tourism /


69 killed in suicide bomb attack at Pakistan park

At least 69 people have been killed and about 300 injured – many of them women and children – in a suicide bombing by the Taliban at a public park in the Pakistani city of…

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Mar 28, 2016 Attractions / Legal / Parks / Security /


IUCN summit delivers major commitments to save Earth’s most precious natural areas

With a commitment to an ambitious agenda to safeguard the planet’s natural assets, ranging from halting rainforest loss in the Asia-Pacific and tripling ocean protection off…

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Nov 20, 2014 Environment / Government / Parks / Recreation / Tourism /


Singapore’s Green Corridor becomes a space for nature and events

Singapore's Green Corridor, a 24 kilometre long nature reserve, cuts through some of the island nation’s priciest real estate and provides an important area of green space in the…

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May 14, 2014 Environment / Events / Parks / Sport /


Report highlights growing importance of urban green space

As the world's population is drawn to ever-growing cities, the importance of green spaces (and their health, integration and economic benefits) is increasing but pressures on these…

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Jul 27, 2012 Design / Education / Parks / Recreation / Wellness /


Singapore Completes Northern Explorer Park Connector Network

Residents in communities in northern Singapore now have easy and convenient access to 11 parks and nature sites, via the newly completed 25 kilometre Northern Explorer Park Connector…

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Nov 17, 2010 Parks / Recreation / Wellness /


Parks Interconnect in western Singapore

The recent completion of Singpore's Western Adventure Park Connector Network (PCN) offers a wide range of recreational experiences for western Singapore awaits residents. The 23…

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Feb 1, 2010 Fitness / Parks / Recreation / Wellness /



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