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Richard Young

Freelance writer, copywriter, and editor

Richard Young is a freelance writer based in Melbourne. Originally from Ireland, he moved overseas in 2015 and began his writing journey.

From travelling and living overseas, cultural, and social differences are a go-to topic, as well as the social changes throughout multi-cultural countries.

He has found cultural diversity a fascinating avenue to explore and continues to develop new angles of interest.

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COVID lockdowns and their impact on Japan’s already struggling fitness industry

With Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida Suga announcing that the country would be extending its state of emergency by one month, ending on 7th March, as it handles country's third wave of…

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Feb 17, 2021 Richard Young Features /


What Does Japan’s Low Birth Rate Mean For Its Fitness Industry?

It's been well-documented that Japan's population is decreasing.  According to Japan's Minister of Internal affairs, a 0.22% decrease in population accord between 2018 and…

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Jan 18, 2021 Richard Young Features / Fitness / Wellness /


Traditions and working culture an obstacle to fitness club growth in Japan

The potential of Asia’s fitness market is one many international brands are keen to exploit, reaching out to today’s millennials who make up the largest percentage of gym members…

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Sep 1, 2020 Richard Young Features / Fitness / Wellness /